Research Projects

Project name Field Ordering party
National Cybersecurity Platform (NPC) The project assumes the construction of a prototype of a comprehensive, integrated system for monitoring, imaging and warning about threats to the cyberspace of the state. The solution will be aimed at preventing, detecting and minimizing the effects of incidents violating the security of information and communication systems important for the functioning of the state, creating conditions for sharing knowledge about threats. The National Centre for Research and Developement
Cyberattack early warning system (ARAKIS) Development of a cyber threat and attack early warning system providing an overview of the level of security of the networks it protects, and facilitating the detection of new, previously unseen threat types.
System for ensuring secure IP communication in power grid management (BIPSE) Developing a system of ensuring the ICT security of the technological infrastructure of power grid operators and electrical energy producers. National Centre for Research and Development
High-Performance Modelling and Simulation for Big Data Applications – cHiPSet The purpose of the project is to conduct interdisciplinary research on big data processing tools in cloud computing environments. The NASK Research Division coordinates efforts focused on optimising the methods of controlling computational and telecommunication infrastructure used for big data processing. These efforts include designing computational resource allocation mechanisms, computation serialisation, controlling the activity of computation and network nodes, as well as collecting and processing data acquired from sensor networks. European Commission
Energy-efficient CPU driver demonstrator for Linux Development and implementation of a CPU frequency control mechanism which optimises energy consumption for selected Linux application servers. NASK
Nippon-European Cyberdefense-Oriented Multilayer Threat Analysis (NECOMA) Increasing cybersecurity via more effective threat detection and ensuring maximum real-time protection. These goals were achieved in three stages:
• developing a network threat level assessment methodology
• developing advanced cyberattack protection mechanisms
• implementing a complete process (from acquiring information to responding) as part of a demo project
European Commission
Buster of ILLegal content spread by malicious computer networks (ILLBuster) The goal of the project is to develop a system for detecting and analysing illegal online content. European Commission
Development of the Cybercrime and Cyber-terrorism Research Roadmap (CyberROAD) The goal of the project was to identify current and future problems related to combating cybercrime and cyber-terrorism, as well as developing a plan of research concerning these issues. European Commission
System for identifying criminals based on photographic or video material (BIOWIZ) The main goal of the project is to develop a system of biometric facial and/or silhouette recognition. The system will not be susceptible to recognition errors caused by facial expressions, angles or lighting. The primary application of the product is identifying perpetrators and collecting evidence. National Centre for Research and Development
Secure biometrics implementation platform for identity verification and identification The goal of the project was to develop a series of procedures for laboratories specialising in quality and biometric solution security testing. Ministry of Science and Higher Education

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