Research Projects

Project name Field Ordering party
ASim Java Simulator The goal of the project was the development the ASim/Java environment for conducting discrete phenomenon system simulations. NASK
Cybersecurity and privacy dialogue between Europe and Japan (EUNITY) 1. Encourage, facilitate and support the ICT dialogue between relevant EU and Japanese stakeholders on matters relating to cybersecurity and privacy R&I trends and challenges
2. Identify potential opportunities for future cooperation between European and Japanese R&I ecosystems and policy makers by identifying and mapping the relevant legislation, policies and cybersecurity agendas, roadmaps and timelines at the EU level (NIS platform, cybersecurity cPPP) and at the National level, as well as in Japan, clearly identifying and prioritising the joint topics in a proposed EU-Japan Cybersecurity and Privacy Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (EUJ-C&P-SRIA) and ensuring that the collected information is made widely available through modern communication means.
3. Foster and promote European cybersecurity innovation activities and increase the international visibility of EU activities in cybersecurity, by showcasing important results of projects and including key European research actors (companies and researchers) in the project’s workshops.
European Commission (Horyzont2020)
Vulnerability and Attack Repository for IoT (VARIoT) The Project's overall objective is to create a service providing actionable information regarding Internet of Things (IoT) devices which can be processed manually or automatically and that can be used to ensure their cybersecurity. Relevant data will be made available through the European Data Portal (EDP), as well as through other interfaces, such as Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP), and via Shadowserver’s free daily remediation feeds. European Commission (CEF- Telecom)
Biometric evaluation of photographs Application that evaluate photographs according to the polish instruction of preparing photographs for passports and identity documents issued by the Ministry of Interior and Administration. Ministry of Digital Affairs
Platform for identification and exchange of information on security threats and frauds based on monitoring and correaation of various Anti-Fraud IQ communication channels (AFIQ)) The main goal of the project is to develop a system technology that allows detecting security threats and attempts of real-time scams and frauds by analyzing users' communication in ICT networks. First of all the system will be dedicated to banks and financial institutions. National Centre for Research and Development
Advance threat Monitoring and Cooperation on the European and national levels (AMCE) The Action's overall objective is to ensure an effective response to cyber security threats both at the European and national level, by improving European level operational cooperation and increasing the capacity of the Polish national Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT Polska). CEF Telecom

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