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When you use our sites, we collect information about your visit and your navigation on our sites. To this end, we use cookies. A cookie contains IT data, which is placed in your terminational equipment - Internet browser, which you are using.

Cookies used on our sites serve, among others, day-to-day site optimisation and facilitiation of your use of those sites. Some functionalities available on our sites may not operate, if you do not agree for cookies to be installed.

Installation or access to cookies does not cause any changes in your equipment or any software installed on this equipment.

We use two type of cookies: session-based and permanent. Session cookies expire after the session ends, with the session’s duration and precise expiry parameters being set by the Internet browser, which you are using, and our analytical systems. Permanent cookies are not deleted when you close the browser window, mainly so that information about the choices you made is not lost. Long-term active cookies are used to help us support comfortable use of our sites, depending whether you visit us for the first time or you are re-visiting.

What do we use cookies for?

Cookies are used for statistical purposes and to improve sites’ operation and make the use of sites more comfortable, inter alia:

  • let us check how often the specific pages on sites are visited - we use this data to optimise sites for the visitors;

  • help us recognise your type of device, and this way to adjust better how and in what format the content is presented, and sites’ functionalities;

  • improve effectiveness and efficiency of sites for the users.

How you can refuse your consent for installation of cookies, using your browser settings?

If you do not want cookies to be installed on your device, you change your browser’s settings with respect to installation of cookies. You can also remove cookies stored when viewing our sites, at any time. Remember, however, that restrictions on use of cookies can make the use of those sites difficult or impossible.

Use of third parties’ tools

Some cookies are created by n entity whose services we employ, e.g.

  • Google Inc.

On our sites, we use Google Analystics tool to analyse traffic on WWW pages and browsing activities. We use it in particular for statistical purposes, to check how often the respective sites are visited. We also use this data to optimise and develop services. You can find out more about Google Analytics here:

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