Research Projects

Project name Field Ordering party
Regional Centre for Cybernetic Security (RegSOC) The goal of the project is to develop and launch an R&D-based prototype of the RegSOC solution dedicated towards public institutions (including central and local administration) and featuring the ability to be expanded to include private entities. NCRD
Remote mobile biometric authentication system for unspecialised mobile devices (BioMobi) The goal of the project is to design and construct a multimodal system of biometric authentication for use on commonly-accessible, unspecialised mobile devices, which meets all security standards and ensures that biometric data is protected. This will render it possible to greatly improve the quality and convenience of remote identification, helping to make it more widespread and increasing the level of cybersecurity. National Centre for Research and Development – WSN Localisation Task Repository The primary goal of the project was the development of the website – the WSN Localisation Task Repository. It is a place where anyone can download a localisation task (in the XML format), run their own localisation algorithm and compare the results with those of other authors. Moreover, the overarching idea behind the website is to create a space where anyone who is interested can not only download a localisation task, but also add tasks of their own. We primarily encourage users to add tasks which originate from hardware experiments. NASK
EuroMath – Enhanced support to teachers and learners with visual impairments in inclusive educational settings through innovative ICT-based math instruction The goal of the project is to develop the EuroMath website and make available a set of innovative, specialised ICT tools for supporting teachers and students with visual impairments in remedial mathematics classes in the Netherlands, Ireland and Poland. 300 types of educational materials utilising EuroMath tools will also be developed for teachers to use in mathematics classes. Erasmus+
Universal module for controlling vehicles indoors The goal of the project is to increase the competitiveness of the company Exell in 2018 via the introduction of a new product – an external control module for autonomous indoor vehicles, which will lead to a 20% increase in revenue in 2019. This goal will be achieved by developing an indoor location system utilising advanced digital and measuring technologies, which will then be introduced to the market. The project will bring benefits for its originator in the form of expansion and acquiring new users of a product which was not previously available on the market. The company's position on the Polish market will be strengthened thanks to the introduction of an innovative product to the B2B market. Rollout is planned for the 2nd quarter of 2019. The partnership with NASK is in line with the goal of our programme as it stimulates partnerships between science and business. Polish Agency for Enterprise Development
‘Corporate cybersecurity’ – desk research Assessing the knowledge of cybersecurity measures and the methods used to secure digital assets among Polish businesses. NASK
‘Security online’ – a study on the security of Internet users in Poland Identifying the factors impacting the subjective sense of privacy and security of Polish Internet users. NASK
CONTENT 1.0 – website content analysis application prototype Creation of a concept and prototype application for detecting particular types of content on websites and facilitating more thorough content analysis.
Nastolatki 3.0 (Teens 3.0) The goal of the study was to analyse the online activities of teens, the educational role of the Internet and mobile devices, identities assumed by teens online, their awareness of threats and ways of reacting to online violence. NASK
Energy-Efficient CPU Driver Demonstrator For Linux Development and implementation of a CPU frequency control mechanism which optimises energy consumption for selected Linux application servers. NASK

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