Biometric evaluation of photographs

  • Project name: Biometric evaluation of photographs
  • Source of funding: Ministry of Digital Affairs
  • Project goal: Application that evaluate photographs according to the polish instruction of preparing photographs for passports and identity documents issued by the Ministry of Interior and Administration.


Python library performing biometric tests on images wrapped in REST microservice


The main goal of the biometric evaluation software kit is to check whether a photograph can be incorporated into a smart identity document. Decision is made after a series of biometric tests. Tests are implemented according to the requirements from instruction issued by the Ministry of Interior and Administration ( ) and biometric standards like ISO/IEC 19794-5 (ISO/IEC 19794 Information technology — Biometric data interchange formats — Part 5: Face image data).

Software analyzes format and color characteristics of the image, location of face in image (it must fit to the masks attached to the instruction) and head pose correctness. For this purpose, various computer vision algorithms were implemented in the backend library: face detection, landmark detection, 3D pose estimation and semantic analysis of portrait regions.