Regional Centre for Cybernetic Security (RegSOC)

  • Project name: Regional Centre for Cybernetic Security (RegSOC)
  • Source of funding: NCRD
  • Project goal: The goal of the project is to develop and launch an R&D-based prototype of the RegSOC solution dedicated towards public institutions (including central and local administration) and featuring the ability to be expanded to include private entities.


The project is part of the comprehensive and multi-layer Polish cybersecurity system. It will increase the level of cybersecurity in Poland and render it possible to implement procedures limiting the probability of hazardous incidents, develop methods of defending against their consequences and minimise these consequences via the tasks planned as part of the project.


Products (technological solutions):

  • A client-side digital-hardware solution dedicated for public institutions, capable of functioning autonomously, under local administrative supervision or RegSOC supervision.
  • A platform for monitoring cybersecurity for the purposes of RegSOC. The platform will be developed as a programme and organisational solution (management model and operating procedures).
  • An organisational and procedural model of regional centre operation developed in partnership with the NASK Centre for Cybersecurity, and internal software which integrates RegSOC with the National Cybersecurity Platform (NPC).

Implementation-related results:

  • A model RegSOC centre at the Wrocław University of Technology and client-side components implemented for interested parties.
  • A project report indicating the technical and economic potential of a wide-ranging market rollout (including on international markets).


  • Wrocław University of Technology – Project Leader
  • NASK National Research Institute
  • EMAG Institute of Innovative Technologies