– WSN Localisation Task Repository

  • Project name: – WSN Localisation Task Repository
  • Source of funding: NASK
  • Project goal: The primary goal of the project was the development of the website – the WSN Localisation Task Repository. It is a place where anyone can download a localisation task (in the XML format), run their own localisation algorithm and compare the results with those of other authors. Moreover, the overarching idea behind the website is to create a space where anyone who is interested can not only download a localisation task, but also add tasks of their own. We primarily encourage users to add tasks which originate from hardware experiments.

Localisation is one of the fundamental problems in WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks) research, as connecting individual nodes is of paramount importance from the perspective of the network itself, as well as the utility of all applications running on it. Localisation methods can be divided according to a number of criteria [1-3], as they differ in hardware requirements, measuring and data processing methods, how computations are organised and the accuracy they offer.


  • – WSN Localisation Task Repository



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