Internet Access

Suite of services indispensable to research units and universities, including internet access

The Access to the Academic Network service is dedicated for the scientific community, in particular research institutes and public and private universities. The service offers access to

a comprehensive suite of functionalities useful for research projects and higher education purposes.

Service description:

The service guarantees high-speed, symmetrical and unlimited Internet access and a range of additional services.

The bandwidth is set in consultation with the client based on their particular needs and the connection most frequently utilises optical fibres.

How it works:

The Access to the Academic Network service comprises:

  • Internet access, as well as:

- assignment of fixed, public IPv4 addresses from our address pool

- assignment of fixed, public IPv6 addresses from our address pool

- primary name servers for one domain name

- secondary name servers for five domain names

- BGP compatibility

- access to standard Internet usage statistics measured between the Auxiliary Device made available in MUU and the NASK Network edge router

- service level guarantee (SLA) specific to your subscription type

  • establishing high-quality direct connections between research units and users within the Pionier network and the European Geant2 network.
  • qualified certification of web and email services made available as part of the Pionier network
  • PLATON science platform services:

- Video conferencing – high-quality video conference connections for arranging, conducting, streaming and recording video conferences. The service offers multilateral connections and access to the NASK video conference room, as well as rooms belonging to other Pionier Consortium members

- Eduroam – connecting an internal wireless network to a hierarchical authorisation system enabling roaming between wireless research networks in Poland and abroad.

- Campus Computations – computational resources and central applications made available as part of our computational cluster

- Common Archiving – a distributed data archive system

- Interactive HD Science Television – studio equipment, AV equipment and a distribution and archiving system for TV footage generated and stored by your research unit

  • MAN-HA platform services


  • high quality and high-speed access to national and global online resources
  • reliability and high availability of service guaranteed by an SLA
  • a secure and efficient backbone network
  • various access technologies available
  • online availability of all services
  • free access to unique services dedicated for research institutions
  • direct technical support from our engineering team offering quick, professional help available 24/7
  • constant load monitoring of backbone network connections and connections with the networks of the largest national and international operators.