Internet Access

Internet access service dedicated for the public administration sector

Service description:

The service guarantees reliable, symmetrical Internet access using a dedicated connection.

How it works:

The service includes the following functionalities:

  • assignment of fixed, public IPv4 addresses from our address pool;
  • assignment of fixed, public IPv6 addresses from our address pool
  • dedicated direct access to the Pionier network;
  • service level guarantee (SLA).

Optional features:

  • primary and secondary DNS servers
  • access to standard Internet usage statistics
  • BGP compatibility


  • high quality and quick access to national and global online resources
  • reliability and high availability of service guaranteed by an SLA
  • a secure and efficient backbone network
  • various access technologies available
  • online availability of all services
  • bandwidth guarantee
  • no traffic restrictions – unlimited data transfer
  • dedicated client consultants
  • direct technical support from our engineering team offering quick, professional help available 24/7

In order to ensure a high quality of service, we constantly monitor the load of backbone network connections and connections with the networks of the largest national and international operators.