Over 2.5 million names in the .pl domain registry; the registrants more willingly register .pl domain names

In the fourth quarter of 2022, 162 618 new names were registered, which was by 7 299 more than in the previous quarter.

At the end of 2022 in the .pl domain registry, 2 510 256 names were maintained, which was 16 679 fewer than in the previous quarter. 451 333 domain names were renewed, and the renewal rate amounted to over 73%.

In the fourth quarter, 1 574 agreements on options for registration of a .pl domain name were renewed, which was more than doubled, compared to the previous quarter. This was the highest number of renewals of this service since 2011.

The registrants' interest in transferring domain service to another registrar also increased. The number of domain service transfers increased by 54% compared to the previous quarter.

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