OSE – Nationwide Education Network

The Nationwide Education Networkk (OSE) is a public telecommunication network offering schools fast (100 Mb/s), free and secure Internet access.

The programme was launched by the Ministry of Digital Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education, with its legal basis specified in the Act on the Nationwide Education Network. According to the Act, NASK is the operator of the Network.

A total of 28,000 schools operate in 19,500 locations in Poland, and the aim of the project is to connect all interested schools by the end of 2020.

The purpose of OSE is:

  •     to provide secure, broadband Internet access
  •     to increase the digital competency of students
  •     to facilitate the teaching process in schools by providing access to online resources
  •     to offer equal education opportunities for all students in Poland, in particular for those who live in less populated areas and attending smaller schools

OSE brings a slew of benefits for schools, including free, fast and secure Internet access, basic hardware for connecting to the Network and the opportunity to use its educational tools and content.

Local governments also stand to benefit from the programme as they will enjoy:

  •     better access to online resources
  •     better communication with the rest of the world (this applies to parents and communities working with schools)
  •     in the long term – more educated citizens who are more aware of the resources and hazards of the Internet
  •     savings – OSE Internet access and security services are financed from the state budget

The project was met with global acclaim – it placed first in the Action Line C1 project group in the finals of the international competition held at the World Information Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva on 20 March 2018, winning the prestigious WSIS Prizes 2018 Award.

Our involvement in the OSE programme is wide-ranging and encompasses both technical and content-related matters. In addition to supervising the technical aspects of the project and securing it from harmful content, we will provide materials which help teachers and students navigate cyberspace. We will also provide access to our own free and public materials on the cybersecurity of children and young people, as well as facilitating access to applications, open educational resources, brochures, publications and lesson plans which will help Polish schools introduce 21st-century technologies into their curriculum.

More information on the page of Nationwide Education Network.