The National Cybersecurity System

With the enactment of the Act on the national cybersecurity systems, NASK was given the important role of serving as one of three nation-wide CSIRTs. The NASK CSIRT receives and analyses reports, takes actions and coordinates responses to incidents occurring in Polish civilian cyberspace reported by key service operators, digital service providers, local authorities and individuals. It also responds to incidents involving the uploading of content which is illegal or poses a hazard to children; as well as monitoring online threats and the level of cybersecurity in individual sectors and the entire country.

More information about the role and actions of the national Computer Security Incident Response Team can be found in the NASK CSIRT tab.

Actions and goals

Cybersecurity is of strategic importance to the security of our country and involves protecting key sectors of the economy, citizens and businesses – this requires constant development and advancements. By achieving the goals set in the National Cybersecurity Policy Framework as well as other national and internal strategies, we ensure a high level of security in Polish cyberspace. We are an active participant in various national programmes (such as educational and awareness campaigns as part of the Digital Poland Programme) and cross-border initiatives (such as the European Cybersecurity Month).

Research and development

We operate at the interface of the worlds of science and business. Our analytical and R&D facilities enable us to conduct our own research and analyses regarding new technology applications and implementation. Our cybersecurity-related R&D activities are centred around developing new, effective methods and techniques of identifying, analysing and responding to network and IT system security threats. Our activities also lead to the finding of practical applications for these new solutions, by creating our own innovative products, including products which make it possible to detect and counteract threats.

Our greatest commercially oriented achievements include the BotSense ( systems. BotSense has been created with the financial sector in mind, and offers real-time detection of account theft attempts and unauthorised transactions, which are a potential hazard when using electronic banking services. This system, which enables bank customers to safely use online solutions, earned us the ‘Portfel WPROST 2017’ award in the security category.

Analyses, education and consulting

Another important activity we are engaged in as part of our efforts to ensure a high level of cybersecurity is educating and raising awareness regarding cyber threats. For this purpose, our centre for strategic analysis assesses various strategic, regulatory and organisational aspects of cybersecurity. Also, of importance are our educational and popularisation activities concerned with cyberspace security. We work on our own social projects and training programmes for businesses and institutions, with a special focus on ICT security. We have also participated in the European Commission's Safer Internet programme for many years, promoting safe use of new technologies and the Internet among children and young people (Safer Internet), as well as providing the materials and best practice guides necessary to educate society on cybersecurity (Stój. Pomyśl. Połącz, Bezpieczne Wybory).