Report processing

CERT Poland

The CERT Poland Department ( is active 24-7-365, receiving, analysing and addressing reports. It takes actions and coordinates responses to incidents occurring in Polish civilian cyberspace reported by key service operators, digital service providers, local authorities and individuals. The CERT Poland Department monitors online threats and the overall level of sector-specific and national cybersecurity, as well as carrying out expert and forensic computer analyses, using its analytical and R&D facilities to identify malware and vulnerabilities, assessing and measuring the scale of threats and mitigating them, in addition to developing the tools necessary to achieve all of these goals. It works closely with law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities to combat cybercrime, identify violations, improve infrastructure security and develop methodologies.

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The Illegal Content Response Team (www.dyż responds to illegal and harmful content posted online, which is divided into four categories:

• Content depicting the sexual exploitation of children

• Hard pornographic content (content depicting violence or bestiality)

• Content promoting racism and xenophobia

• Other types of illegal content (content which does not fit any of these categories, such as promoting or approving of paedophilic acts, soliciting children under 15 years of age via the Internet)

Dyż is responsible for handling and processing reports concerning illegal content uploaded online and taking corrective actions aimed at deleting or blocking such content, as well as educating and raising awareness regarding such threats. The team also participates in national and cross-border projects involving illegal content classification.

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