Partnership For Cybersecurity Programme

Our mission and vision

The Partnership for Cybersecurity Programme has been launched with the aim of promoting cybersecurity, ensuring the security of Polish cyberspace, building and supporting cybersecurity competency, as well as creating real structures based on mutual partnerships that are capable of counteracting cyberattacks, which are only increasing in number.

Digitisation not only involves development and innovation, but also brings with it a growing range of cyber threats. New hazards necessitate the development of reliable and secure mechanisms for exchanging information between the stakeholders of the national cybersecurity systems, in particular between businesses providing their services with the use of ICT systems, public administration organs and institutions specialising in ICT operations security.

Only partnerships and effective coordination can help us achieve optimal, satisfactory results in our fight against cyber crime. We believe that working together will help us minimise losses, as well as developing effective defence measures against crime.

Who is the programme for?

At this stage of the programme, partnerships primarily involve all subjects which make use of ICT systems whose disruption could have a severe social or economic impact. These can be both private businesses and public institutions. The process of developing the necessary structures applies to all sectors, and key members of every sector are currently invited to participate.

The security of digital services and Internet users is our priority, which is why we are planning to include more subjects in the programme in the future, taking into account their specificity and maturity in matters related to cybersecurity, developing a strong cybersecurity network in the process.

The programme in practice

The Partnership for Cybersecurity Programme primarily involves direct information exchange between NASK and our partners, and if necessary, public administration representatives and law enforcement agencies. The programme also involves meetings, seminars and joint exercises on response procedures.

This collaboration assumes the form of public-private partnerships. All partners can increase their cybersecurity on the following levels:

  • technical – sharing information and experience

  • strategic – developing recommendations, participating in task forces and working groups

  • competence – meetings, training programmes and exercises on response procedures

In addition to this, our experts offer their knowledge and counsel to those looking for national and EU funding for research and development, as well as structures and solutions which increase ICT security.

Our partners gain access to partner-only resources and services, as well as shared electronic platforms for technical and operational collaboration.

Agreements and Contracts

The formal basis for partnership is a trilateral partnership agreement for increasing Polish cybersecurity, concluded between a given subject, the Ministry of Digital Affairs and NASK.

A bilateral agreement is then concluded with the interested subject, which specifies the terms of collaboration as part of the Partnership for Cybersecurity Programme.

More information about the programme is available from the Partnership for Cybersecurity Programme Team at