The Center for Standardization and Certification of NASK-PIB, an organizational unit included in the internal Organizational Regulations within NASK acts as an accredited Certification Body.

The management system in the product certification process complies with the requirements of the standard for product certification bodies, i.e. PN-EN ISO/IEC 17065, and the certification of IT products itself is carried out by PN-EN ISO/IEC 15408(1-3), i.e. Common Criteria 3.1 rev. 5 based on the IT Security Evaluation and Certification Programme (PC1).  Certification may cover IT products, IT systems, or so-called Protection Profiles, i.e. security specifications for a type of product.

Manufacturers interested in having their products certified, within the scope of the Common Criteria standard, are asked to contact us. The commencement of the certification process takes place after the delivery of a completed certification application with the necessary attachments to the address of the Standardisation and Certification Centre of NASK PIB. In the application, it is necessary to indicate the laboratory which will carry out the evaluation - the list of available laboratories can be found in the tab "Laboratories".
Before applying, please get in touch with us by e-mail: standard (at) nask.pl

The Programme for IT Security Evaluation and Certification (PC1) also sets out the basic principles and requirements for laboratories conducting evaluations. Laboratories interested in conducting activities in this area must obtain a license from the Certification Body. The initiation of licensing process starts once the license application is submitted. For further information, please feel free to contact us.