Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis

The Artificial Intelligence & Data Analysis Centre (AIDA) is one of our four management centres, focusing on coordinating, initiating and developing projects involving artificial intelligence applications, taking into account the needs of the administration, cybersecurity, education and the media. The goal of AIDA is to become a Central European centre of excellence specialising in artificial intelligence.


  •     Developing AI together with the Centre for Research and Technology Transfer, Centre for Administrative and Educational Projects and the Centre for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure.
  •     Execution of the RPD project for the National Broadcasting Council, which involves analysing large sets of data collected in real time from digital receivers (including cable TV decoders, IPTV decoders, OTT devices, SmartTV devices) capable of sending back data via the Internet.
  •     Providing the IT infrastructure necessary for big data analyses.
  •     Formation of a professional team of experts on data science and interactive media technologies.
  •     Conducting research on artificial intelligence and promoting the importance of artificial intelligence in society.
  •     Carrying our tasks assigned by the Ministry of Digital Affairs as part of the national artificial intelligence development plan.
  •     Networking activity – building a cross-border network of connections with other institutions specialising in AI.


Seminars: AIDA also offers a series of interdisciplinary seminars on artificial intelligence and data analysis.

Conferences: AIDA organised NASK's first international conference on artificial intelligence: „Artificial Intelligence Conference: Dimensions of AI – NASK, DIGITAL REALITY, POLAND”, which took place on 9 September 2019.