For the past 25 years, we have been integrating IT security systems and working on comprehensive cybersecurity projects. Our clients can expect comprehensive support at every step of the decision-making process, from identifying their needs, comparative analyses and implementation design development to the implementation phase, which involves system delivery, installation and configuration, as well as employee and administrator training, in addition to providing local and manufacturer's technical support.

We specialise in comprehensive technology implementations and services, including:

  • Systems protecting your network's connection to the internet, such as: Next Generation Firewall, IPS, Web and E-mail Gateway
  • Strong authentication and network access monitoring systems: SA, NAC, PIM
  • Web application protection systems: WAF, DAM, Load-Balancing
  • Such specialised systems as: DLP, Anti-APT, Anti-DDoS, PIM, SA, vulnerability scan, MDM and endpoint security
  • Incident management and correlation systems: SIEM
  • Building professional security incident monitoring and response centres as part of SOC (Security Operations Centre)
  • SCADA industrial network security monitoring systems
  • System, network and application security audits
  • Consulting services on cyberspace-related matters