More than 2.5 million names in the .pl domain registry There is growing interest in buying priority for domain name registration.

Uninterrupted growth in the number of registrants, the highest number of concluded option agreements in 8 years - according to the latest report of the .pl domain registry at NASK, summarising the .pl domain name market in the third quarter of 2022.

At the end of September 2022, there were 2 526 935 names in the .pl domain registry, 1 470 more than at the end of the previous quarter. In the third quarter, 155 319 new .pl domain names were registered.

The registry has been continuously gaining new registrants for over a year - in the third quarter their number increased by 2 868 and totalled 1 119 002. Registrants renewed 455 172 .pl domain names. This is by 20 268 names more than in the previous quarter.

For the last three quarters, there has been an increasing interest in buying priority to register a domain name after it has been released by the current registrant, i.e. in concluding an option agreement. Their number increased by 1 396 as compared to the second quarter. In the period under review, 5 263 such agreements were concluded.

"An option is an excellent solution that gives you priority to register an active domain name in case it is released by the current registrant. Thanks to the option, we increase the chance of registering the dream name in the .pl domain. More than 40% of almost 267 000 option agreements ended with the domain name being made available for registration to the option holder." - comments Marzena Pastuszka from the Registrar Support Team.

The service is offered through Registrars, a list of which can be found at:

20 years since the launch of the NASK Partner Programme

December 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the NASK Partner Programme, which is addressed to entities wishing to participate in the .pl domain registration. At the end of the third quarter of this year, 211 Partners from 24 countries participated in the Programme. 134 registrars were based in Poland and serviced over 1.6 million .pl domain names.

"NASK, as the .pl domain registry, would not be what it is today without Partners, and above all without translating their expectations and requirements into action. First and foremost, into works aimed at developing the Registry system and increasing the quality, security and stability of services for .pl domain registrants." - emphasises Anna Gniadek, Manager of the Registrar Support Team.

Detailed information on the Partner Programme can be found at:

The .pl domain registry report for Q3 2022 can be downloaded here.