Registrants are more willing to renew their domain names and use a service protecting them in the network against hackers. More than 2.53 million domain names in the .pl domain registry.

Number of domain names, secured with the DNSSEC protocol, to be the highest in two years, number of registrations still growing - results from the latest report of the .pl domain name registry in NASK, summarizing the .pl domain name market in the opening quarter of 2022.

At the end of March 2022, there were 2 532 153 names in the .pl domain registry, i.e. by 3 363 more than at the end of the fourth quarter of 2021. The Registry again gained new registrants - at the end of the first quarter there were 1 115 115, that is by 2 419 more than in the previous quarter. Registrants continued to consistently renew their domain name maintenance service for the consecutive period, with a renewal rate of 73.80%.

The increase in the number of registrants translated into an increase of 8 469 new registrations, compared to the previous quarter. In the first quarter the Registry increased by 183 685 new domain names. 153 278 of them were registered directly in the .pl domain, 23 573 in functional domains (e.g., and 6 834 in regional domains (e.g., An average of 2 041 .pl names were registered daily.

Growing interest in security on the Internet

The registrants' interest to care about the safety of the Internet use was reflected in the growing number of domain names secured with the DNSSEC protocol (Domain Name System Security Extensions). At the end of March, in the .pl domain registry, there were 461 964 secured names. This is a record number for the last two years.

Thanks to DNSSEC an Internet user is able to check if e.g. a website they visit is really the website of a bank, office or e-store and not a fake website created by a cybercriminal (so called phishing). More about this security feature can be found on the website.

"We are pleased to see growing registrants' interest in DNSSEC. The service is important as an extension to the security of the DNS (Domain Name System). It allows .pl domain registrants to 'digitally sign' information entered into DNS. Thanks to that, the domain name users are sure that the data will not be further transmitted in DNS, if they would be modified, accidentally or in bad faith, and the proper server address would be changed to an unauthorised address. DNSSEC therefore adds two important functions to the DNS protocol: data origin authentication and data integrity protection." - Anna Gniadek, Manager of the Registrar Support Team at NASK.

The report for Q1 2022 can be retrieved here.