NASK, Police and Europol advise on safe teleworking

The development of modern technologies having a huge impact on the creation of new forms of communication enables, especially during a pandemic, to perform professional activities through remote work (also known as home office). This contemporary form of contact can benefit both employees and employers.

Convenient solutions enabling tasks to be carried out at a distance have great benefits. However, it should be remembered that remote work is not without risks, especially if we use the Internet. All institutions that use work in a remote system should take measures to reduce the risks that we may become victims of. The specialists' recommendations include the proper preparation of the infrastructure for employees, as well as the establishment of secure procedures ensuring the transfer of information within the company in an efficient and reliable manner.


The close cooperation of NASK, the Cybercrime Bureau of the Police Headquarters, and Europol has resulted in another campaign to remind and draw attention to the challenges and threats that may occur while performing work via electronic channels of communication. Experts have prepared recommendations for employees and employers, including equipment preparation, communication methods and remote access for confidential company data. We invite you to read the materials and share them further.