Applications of biometrics and PKI in modern identity documents and protecting IT systems (BIOPKI)

  • Project name: Applications of biometrics and PKI in modern identity documents and protecting IT systems (BIOPKI)
  • Source of funding: National Centre for Research and Development
  • Project goal: The main goal was the development of PKI and biometric techniques for applications in modern identity documents and information systems protection.


The goal was achieved by developing and implementing tools ensuring service security and supporting the electronic and biometric identity document system. These services are based on a PKI system which utilises open source solutions and the results of our own R&D efforts carried out as part of the project.


Methods were developed to protect user privacy using restricted identification.

Solutions were created to support online customs processes involving identity documents.

Innovative applications of steganography were invented for ensuring the authenticity of analogue and digital biometric data, in particular facial and iris scans.

A prototype solution was developed, configured and tested which protects cryptographic keys in systems based on the premise that private keys are only accessible by their owners.

Techniques were developed which guarantee the security of the biometric data which is stored and transferred, primarily based on cryptography, but also using the specificity of biometric data and pseudo-biometric identifiers which are possible to invalidate.

Six technology demonstrators were developed as part of the project.


  • NASK PIB - project leader
  • Wrocław University of Technology, Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology
  • Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Electronics and Information Technology
  • Trusted Information Consulting Sp. z.o.o.
  • Asseco S.A.