Paper correspondence to the Certification Body should be addressed as follows:

The Center for Standardization and Certification


National Research Institute

Ul. Kolska 12

01-045 Warsaw

with the adnotation: (by hand)

NOTE: Please, remember to make the adnotation "by hand", in order for the correspondence to be forwarded directly to the Certification Body without being opened first. In case of sensitive information being included, this form ensures the confidentiality of correspondence.


Electronic correspondence should be sent to the address: standard (at)


NOTE: Please contact us by e-mail to exchange the cryptographic keys for correspondence. Formal documents (applications, contracts) submitted electronically must be signed with a qualified electronic signature. We recommend encrypting documents containing sensitive information. 

Complaints and appeals

Appeals and complaints are examined by NASK PIB in accordance with the principle of impartiality and fairness. NASK PIB does not take any discriminatory actions as a result of sending a complaint or appeal against any decision. The appeal or complaint is examined immediately and resolved within 30 days.



Each client has the right to appeal against a decision regarding granting, revocation, suspension or limitation of a certificate. The appeal should be sent in writing to the NASK PIB correspondence address or in electric form to standard (at) within 14 days from receiving the realted decision.



Complaints against the proceedings of the Certification Body or relating to the compliance of certified products with the certification requirements are accepted without any time limits. The complaint is each time processed by personnel who was not involved in the certification process related to the complaint, nor did they show a conflict of interest with the complainant.