Piotr Lichota, NASK Deputy Director, Director for Administrative and Educational Projects

Piotr Lichota is a manager with more than a dozen years of experience, having worked as a director and advisor in various institutions. His longest-held position was at the Polish Television, where he was twice appointed as Director of the Szczecin branch of TVP S.A. and the TVP S.A. Television Information Agency. He has been working with the media for most of his career, and has also worked as a journalist for the RMF FM radio for several years.

He joined NASK in March 2019, originally as an advisor to the Director for Administrative and Education Projects when working on the OSE project, before becoming a representative of the NASK Director for Owner Supervision. He is also an advisor to the Minister of Digital Affairs on matters related to cooperation with supervised and subordinate units.

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Theology of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, as well as having completed post-graduate courses in journalism, administrative and local authority law, auditing and control. He began to write his doctoral thesis in March last year.